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Citylife - Ahmedabad


Kankaria Lake
Created by Qutb-Ud-Din in 1451, the Kankaria Lake is surrounded by gardens. It has a zoo, an aquarium, and a children's park. In the middle of the lake is an island palace that has 34 sides, each side is 60 metre long.

Teen Darwaza
Sultan Ahmed Shah built these arched gateways as the royal entrance to the Maidan Shah or Royal Square.

Hatheesing Jain Temple
Intricate carvings on white marble, the Hatheesing Jain Temple is one of the finest Jain temples in Ahmedabad. A must see.

Sarkhej Roza
A unique complex of buildings, that do not have any arches and use pierced stone trellises.

Shaking Minarets
Though damaged by the recent earthquake in 2001, this unusual pair of minarets are located in the mosque of Sidi Bashir, near the Ahmedabad railway station. The amazing thing about them: if one shook the other also rocked in sympathy.

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Sidi Saiyad Mosque
Sidi Saiyad Mosque was constructed in 1571, by Ahmed Shah's slave Sidi Saiyad. It has ten semicircular windows that have a splendid filigree screen.

Dada Hari Vav (Stepped Well)
Built in 1501 it was constructed to provide a cool resting place and water for travellers. It has a flight of steps leading down to a lower platform terminating at a small, octagonal well.

Jama Masjid
Built in 1423 this mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in western India. Its grand scale is awe-inspiring.

Rani Sipri Mosque
The mosque was built in 1514 by Queen of Mahmud Shah Begda and houses her remains.

Gandhi Ashram
Built in 1915, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, watched and guided the Indian Freedom Movement from here. It has since been converted into the Gandhi Memorial.