Tourism of India

Pilgrim Destinations

India has always been considered the land of spirituality. Though Hinduism continues to be the oldest religion in the country, India has been the birthplace of various religions like Bhuddism, Jainism, Sikhism and Sufism, and has always embraced new religions that other cultures brought into the country.

It is considered a milestone in a person's life and a char dhams yatra - a visit to the holy sites at cardinal points of the country - a necessity for the regeneration of the spirit. These points lie across the subcontinent. In the north they are the snow-capped mountains of Badrinath, Kedarnath and Amarnath. In central India , one of the holiest places to visit is Benares, Prayaga ( Allahabad ) where the Kumbh Mela is held, and Mathura - the birth place of Lord Krishna. In the East lies Puri in Orissa famous for its Jagannath Temple and its Rath Yatra. In the South is Rameswaram and Kanya Kumari and in the west is Dwaraka - the kingdom of Lord Krishna . But these aren't all the places that the Hindus take a pilgrimage to. Places like Tirupati, Vaishnodevi, Shirdi, Shabrimala, Tajore and Madurai towns are famous for their temples and shrines and very much on a must-visit list.

Several famous temples across the country also have their own unique festivals and yatras. In fact India is home to the largest religious gathering which takes place every 12 years - the Kumbh Mela. Whether it is a spiritual experience you seek or want to understand the depth and diversity of religion - this is the land with the answers.

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