Tourism of India

Health Resorts

The modern and traditional

We've all heard of Swedish spas and health resorts that pamper the body with the last word in luxury. But sometimes the body doesn't merely crave the luxurious but a different kind of pampering, one of peace and wholeness. In India you can swing between the two extremes since India boasts of luxury spas as well as the austere traditional meditative care kind of ashrams.

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All over the country you will find clubs and ashrams that espouse yoga and naturopathy. Naturopathy is merely India's age-old belief that the body must be cleansed from the inside and rested like any efficient machine to function better and cope with life's myriad stresses. At these places you will find an absolute Spartan lifestyle, no beds, only fruits and soups, day-long relaxing yoga sessions and talks on Indian philosophy, that advocates like the Greeks - the golden mean. The starvation will probably do you more good than you imagine, because people who opt for these generally come out looking younger, if a little dazed by the rigorous lifestyle.