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Indian Food

To begin, let me assure you that Indian food in India is quite unlike Indian food served in the West. Regretably however, Indian resorts are not adventurous when it comes to food.

For breakfast all resorts do offer eggs (in any form), toast, and cornflakes, but sausages, ham, bacon etc. may not always be available. Fresh seasonal fruit and juice is also served. An Indian breakfast consists of steamed rice cakes called idlis served with a spicy sauce. Alternatively one may be served a dosa which is not unlike a thin flat pancake with an accompaniment made from potato; or puris which are unleavened Indian bread also served with a dish made from potatoes.

For lunch and dinner the staple Indian base consists of white rice or Indian bread which usually consists of the roti and the nan. Pappadoms and a variety of spicy accompaniments such as chutneys and pickles are also served. Curries both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian are served with the staple. Most non-vegetarian dishes are made with chicken because of the difficulty of procuring lamb or pork in the remoter resorts.

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Starters in the evening, in the form of tandoori food and kebabs, come highly recommended.

Keeping visitors from abroad in mind, the food is not over spiced.

Most resorts do offer Western food, called Continental food in India, but remember that the quality may be indifferent and that it is cooked with Indian ingredients.

In India several dishes are brought to the table and shared among the diners. However, if you prefer to order something just for yourself, feel free to do so.