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Indian Toilet

The Indian Loo, or the mystery of the Bucket and Mug.

All resorts featured here have western style WCs and commodes. Some have bathtubs, but in a land where water is scarce not every resort has bathtubs. Specific details are provided on the page devoted to each resort. All resorts do provide toilet paper.

Resorts without a tub will, at least have a shower. However, in India, the plumbing system does not utilize presuure pumps to enable a power shower. Instead the water is pumped up to a – usually ugly – tank on top of the building and then flows through the pipes utilising gravitational pressure.

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Many Western visitors find this pressure inadequate. However, resorts like Tiger Den in Bandhavgarh have addressed the problem.

Occasionally, however, there is no shower, just a bucket and a mug. The idea here is to fill the bucket with hot and cold water to obtain the desired temperature and to wet your body using the mug. You then use your shampoo/shower gel and when finished you wash it off using the mug.

It is fairly simple and if you do happen to stay in such a place, you will soon get used to it.