Tourism of India

Adventure Trails

Blessed with snow-clad peaks, crystal glaciers, rolling meadows, beautiful valleys, meandering rivers, gushing waterfalls, thick forests, swampy deltas and magical moonscapes - India has something for everyone looking for adventure, however thrilling or risky it may be, it is recommended that every traveler has Travel Insurance as back up.

Up North, the Himalayan ranges that stretch across the country are the most intimidating, enthralling and beautiful mountains in the world. They offer the ultimate challenge to any adventurer whatever their pursuit - mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking or white water rafting. For any mountaineer the Himalayas are a perennial challenge. And with their ever-changing terrain, there is something new to see in every season and every region, be it the gentle slopes of the Garhwal and Kumaon region, the sharp ragged gorges of Himachal Pradesh, the pristine untouched beauty of Sikkim or the fantastic moonscapes of Jammu and Kashmir. Climbing these mountains is a spiritual experience that will make you keep coming back for more.


If mountaineering is not your scene, but you still want to savour the beauty of these mighty mountains, try trekking. From the foothills to the higher ranges, mountain trails - many of them unexplored - are a great way to experience the Himalayas . Some of the best trekking routes on the mountain sides are in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttranchal, Chamba and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Zanskar and Spiti in Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim and the virtually untouched north eastern states of India. Trekking is one of the best ways to enjoy the panoramic and magnificent sites of the awesome mountains- the rivers, flora and fauna. The best part is that virtually anyone can go on a trek.

Of course, for the more energetic, the Himalayan mountain ranges offer other adventure opportunities like rock climbing, heli-skiing, hang gliding, mountain biking and even paragliding.

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Water sports

If you like water sports, again the Himalayas offer you some of the best river runs in the world. The foaming rapids on the Ganges in Rishikesh, Uttaranchal, the Beas in Himachal Pradesh and Teetsa in Sikkim are some of the toughest and most exciting you can find anywhere.

Further South you can enjoy the water adventures along both the west and the east coasts of India . The islands of Andaman and Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal and Lakshadweep in the Indian Ocean are virtually untouched and are some of the best spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. The beaches of Goa and Kerala also offer other sporting opportunities like water skiing, wind surfing and sailing.


Also unique are India 's jungle and desert safaris. In fact one of the most magical ways to discover the sands of Rajasthan, especially the unending sand dunes of Jaisalmer and Bikaner, is on camel back. Today, many heritage resorts run by erstwhile royalty also give you the option of enjoying the countryside on horseback, by far the best way to explore the countryside, see its' remote forts and palaces, and interact with its people.

Parks and Sanctuaries

Similarly, exploring India 's many wildlife parks and sanctuaries on elephant back is a unique experience. Most tiger and rhino sanctuaries offer this option and it's a better way of viewing wildlife than using a noisy jeep safari.

Other adventure activities available in the country are:

Sailing on the West coast in Mumbai, Goa and the lakes around Pune

Polo in Rajasthan and Delhi

Ballooning, facilities for which are available for amateurs and professionals across the country

Whether you like living life on the edge, or you just want to enjoy the occasional thrill of the unknown, India has something for everyone.