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Namaste Friends, Its getting hot, hot, hot in India and if it's a tan you're seeking, there's no better time to be visitng India's beach destinations.Check the latest in cruise offers. For those who prefer cooler temperatures and lots of greenery, our hill stations beckon. What's more, we're giving away free holiday packages to Kerala and the Palace on Wheels heritage train through Rajasthan. Be sure that you have Travel Insurance when you go into your exciting holiday journey to be sure that you enjoy it to its full potential.

Featured Festival

Sindhu Darshan Festival, as the name suggests, is a celebration of the River Sindhu, better known as the Indus, the river that gave India her name. As much a national integration program as a festival, it seeks to project the Sindhu as a symbol of multi-dimensional cultural identity and communal harmony. Whilst promoting tourism to the Ladakh area, this festival is also a symbolic salute to the brave soldiers of India who have fought impossible odds at Siachin, Kargil and other place. It showcases a kaleidoscope of Indian culture and an exciting array of performing arts.

Ananad In The Himalayas

Last night, embosomed in luscious linens, I lay listening as the great and here in India'sacred, Himalayas tossed a thunderous squall across the sky. Through the open drapes the lightening flashed on the polished wood floors of my room which is perched above the valley where the Ganges emerges from the mountains. From such an aerie, drawing the drapes was not an option, so I fell asleep surrounded by softness and storm.

At dawn, a quiet tap awakens me when a pot of hot ginger tea is delivered. Slipping into soft, white kurtas PJ like togs left fresh each day I sip, watching the first light dawn in this immense valley. Continues here

Hotel of the month

Send money or can remain Maidens no more," wired three young English women in the 1920s, who'd overrun their budget while staying 'the season' at Delhi's most fashionable Maidens Hotel. This white Georgian beauty opened in 1898 on eight acres just outside of Delhi'the Delhi called Old Delhi today'New Delhi wouldn't hit the Raj's drawing boards for three more years. Today, Maidens is in a residential area of North Delhi, about five miles from New Delhi's Connaught Place.

Through gated high walls, the Maidens palm-lined drive curves round a front lawn of red roses and flowing fountains. The hotel is a snow-white, colonial building with tall colonnades repeated on both stories. The gregarious doorman, dressed in a Raj-red and gold turban with matching sash, greets the arriving guests under the portico. Continues here -->

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