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It is believed that Dodital is the land of Shiva, and so it is frequented by pilgrims from all over India. Adventure seekers and ardent nature lovers head here too, for they know that it is nature's treasure house.

Situated at an altitude of 3,307 metres, about 31 km north of Uttarkashi, Dodital is surrounded by dense forests of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendrons. 12 km from Uttarkashi, on the banks of the Assi river, is Kalyani, the base camp for Dodital. The entire stretch from Kalyani to Dodital is a photographer's delight. The first part, from Kalyani to Agoda, is a gradual trek through woods, fields and villages. The second part, a 17-km trek from Agoda to Dodital, is very steep and passes through thick forests. There are no hotels en route, but if you wish to, you can camp and enjoy the scenic beauty amidst the vast jungle.

Dodital is hexagonal in shape. The deep clear lake, full of rare fish such as Himalayan Golden Trout, and surrounded by tall deodar trees, is the birthplace of about 80 rivers. Its water is believed to possess a unique quality. After washing your face with its water for about 2 weeks, a person's complexion glows and feels amazingly refreshed. "Dodi" is the local name of the trout which is how Dodital got its name. Now, for many years the government has been running a fisheries centre at Kalyani which lies on the way to Dodital.

Getting There

By rail

The nearest railway station is Rishikesh, 180 km.

By road

You can take a bus or hire a car from Rishikesh to Dodital.


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