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Traverse the lonely stretches of the Thar Desert, like the travellers of old ... on a camel. In fact, the most magical way to explore the sands of Rajasthan, especially the unending sand dunes of Jaisalmerand Bikaner, is on camel back.

Camp under the stars, listen to the haunting strains of folk music echoing across the sand dunes, stay at any of the many heritage resorts run by erstwhile royalty, marvel at the remote forts and palaces, or enjoy the gentle hospitality of villagers at an oasis ... India's camel safaris take you back in time to a more leisurely age, and make for a memorable experience.

Thar Desert & Camel Safaris

One of the most popular deserts in India , the Thar region was once ruled by the Rapjuts. These strong and powerful rulers built magnificent fortress palaces, of which the ruins are still visited. The Thar is best experienced by camel safaris. These leave from Khuri village. There are also, day treks that leave in the morning and return at night, as well as overnight trips. All travelers and tourists are required to make this journey along with an experienced guide.

Deepak Rest House, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan - A family owned and operated budget hotel inside the Fort of Jaisalmer. Also organise camel safaris in the Thar Desert.

Fifu Travel and Resorts - Offering camel safaris, Rajasthan package tours, jeep safaris, desert safaris, Jaisalmer travel. Offers accommodation in Fifu guest house and Fifu desert resort.

FortRajwada- A historic building, now turned hotel

Hotel Rang Mahal- A modern day hotel. Also has a swimming pool.

Off the Beaten Track Travel Services- Customized budget tours and camel safaris throughout Rajasthan.

Safari Tours- Offering camel safaris, desert safaris staying at the camp Rawala Canoi, and other local tours.

Thar Safari- Offering camel, jeep, and horse safaris, accommodation in tents. Also desert safaris staying at camp in Pushkar.