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Holiday Ideas - Ayurveda Shalas


At Marari in Kerala, Ayurveda is not just a trendy way to relax. The lotus pond, the bitter smell of herbs leading to the ayurvedashala as these clinics are called - all tell you that it is also healthy. If you want a quick massage you should opt for a relaxing general body massage or Uzhichil. Those staying for 3-6 nights could enroll for special treatments like Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Nasyam, Njavarakizhi and many more. The one-hour plus massage is fantastic for stress, exhaustion, poor circulation, migraine and insomnia. The Ayurvedic doctors are knowledgeable and reliable and prescribe what your body can easily take. The variations are many like the panchakarma: simple oil massage, hot poultices of herbs dipped in oil, a stream of oil or buttermilk poured on the forehead, rice packets dipped in milk, heated herbal powders or aromatic steam baths.

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One place you can check out is Manaltheeram, a harmonious combination of nature and excellent hospitality among the palms just 9 km from Kovalam beach. There are round thatched villas in the traditional styles with a fantastic view of the sea. It offers a warm relaxed expanse of palm trees hugging the sea. At Manaltheeram they concentrate on letting you soak in the serene ambience of nature in the raw. As you prepare for the long hot steam bath your mind will automatically plunge itself into the whispering sea breeze. As your body soaks in the specially prepared herbal oils, and your muscles relax under the even tones of the masseuse hands, your mind will also forget its worries.

In Somatheertham you can let yourself go with the complete rejuvenation package that the herbal massages offer, from energizing with herbs to building immunity. You will feel peppy sipping the strange smelling herbal infusions and teas and as you look into the mirror you will find a refreshed skin and toned complexion. Try out medicated steam baths to reduce even cellulite and adipose. A special medicated ghee is given to fight obesity.