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Holiday Ideas - Ayurveda Shalas


There are a number of ayurveda spas in Kovalam. Some offer an oil massage, others offer up to 21-day treatments including a special diet and daily massage. Medicus Ayurvedic Centre on Lighthouse Road in Kovalam offers a one-hour body massage for Rs 300 plus several intensive treatments that last all the way from two to 21 days. The 10-day treatment is the minimum recommended duration to achieve any visible effect. It would set you back by US $30 including Ayurvedic food and massage. For an additional US $30 you'll also get food and accomodation. At the Ayurveda and Naturopathy Massage Centre at the Hotel Samudra Tara a one-hour body massage costs Rs 250. Arsha Ayurvedic hospital offers you a full body exam and prescription.

Ayurvedic hospitals include Aryavaidyashala Kottakal near Calicut , Aryavaidya pharmacy , Coimbatore , Ayurvedic Medical College Thiruvanathapuram, District Ayurvedic Hospital , Palaghat and Kerala Ayurvedic Pharmacy , Eranakulam. The Sivagiri Mutt, a hill in Varkala is the headquarters of Sree Narayana Dharma Sanghom Trust. The ashram is devoted to Sri Narayana Guru. It offers a lesson in Ayurvedic massage for one week at Rs 1750, and a massage cost Rs 180 per hour.

At the Scientific School of Yoga and Massage you can enjoy a 1and a 1/2-hour ayurvedic plus Swedish massage for Rs 200. You can learn Ayurvedic massage over ten days at Rs 5000 per couple. Another ayurveda shala to enroll yourself is at the Kovalam beach village complex of Chowara near the Kovalam Vizhinjam tourist trail.

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Dr Franklin's is a specialized boutique ayurveda shala that offers you neat little cottages in its institute near the seashore. In case the rooms are overbooked you will have the option of staying at a small resort nearby that is run by Dr Franklin. Charges are about $55 per person per day including the specialty herbs. No credit cards are accepted. At Dr Franklin's they will make you really sweat it out. Your body will be covered with little muslin bags containing a pudding of medicinal herbs, and you will be left to sweat out toxins for about an hour and a half.

Feather-in-feather massage, using special oils or creams, is a mixture of European and traditional ayurvedic massage.

Mama Mia massage, a marvellous mix of massage and music, relieves stress, relaxes the body and is good for what the Indians call 'Sexual Weakness'. Traditional music is chosen as per your preference, and the strokes are according to the rhythm of Music.

The abhiyangam is a medicated massage for diabetics. The doctor vets how it's going to help you before you go in for it. All alcohol and smoking is prohibited and only vegetarian food is allowed.

After that you can laze at the coast of Vizhinjam at its big artificial harbor dominated by pink-green mosque and a huge Catholic Church at the south end. Another place to check out is the Kairali Center at Palakkad.