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Golden Palms Spa

If this talk of denial and penance is not for you, then you are ripe for the sensuous delights of the Golden Palms Spa near Bangalore located on an exotic lush coconut palm grove with a built-up area of 3,00,000 square feet with 75,000 square feet dedicated to spa, beauty, cosmetic surgery, diagnostic and fitness programs. It is the largest facility of its kind in the world. Built in the rugged grandeur of the Moorish-Spanish casitas, the Spa is steeped in luxury. Nestling among acres of lush foliage, sprawling lawns, lagoon, and waterfalls, the exquisite architecture and landscaping create a perfect recreational paradise.


The ayurveda treatment at the resort comes in a wide range. For starters, there is the Soodhara which involves application of a continuous stream of medicated oil from a fixed height to relax the body and mind. There is Uthamangadhara, whose rejuvenative action enhances physical constitution, complexion, visual power and facial tone. Sweda is effective for periarthritis, localized oedema, cervical spondylolysis and neck rigidity while Sekem delays the aging process and enhances longevity of life.


Another option available is aquatherapy, which is the use of water for the well being of the body. Golden Palms Spa features a semi-heated rapid pool spanning 135 metres with a deck area of a sprawling 20,000 square feet, half of which is for therapeutic purposes, while the other half is for water sport activity.

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Other treatment

The therapies include aromatic sea polish. This is an exfoliating body treatment with sea salts and aromatic essences that will leave your entire body radiating. This scrub utilizes salts rich in minerals and trace elements followed with a refreshing Vichy Shower and an application of hydrating honey almond mixture. The Turkish body scrub is the most invigorating of the three body scrubs available to exfoliate dead skin cells. This full body scrub uses a granulated pumice stone in a gel base. After the exfoliating gel has been rinsed off, a cooling peppermint bath gel is applied to the body with a loofah sponge to clean the skin. After a refreshing Vichy Shower the result is a glowing skin.