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Andaman and Nicobar

This is closest you get to feeling like Robinson Crusoe. 362 volcanic islands scattered in the Bay of Bengal , only 37 of these are inhabited. These lush green islands have a colourful historical past, with strings of invasions by the French, Dutch, Japanese and British, raging wars between settlers and the native tribes. The Cellular Jail, where hundreds of Indian revolutionaries were imprisoned during the Indian freedom struggle, still stands tall. Descendents of these political prisoners and the local tribes of the area are the inhabitants of modern day Andaman and Nicobar.

The tropical rain forests that loom close to the seashore are home to unique species of birds, and to tribes that still haven't learned to use fire. Andaman is an experience quite unlike another. And if you find yourself using more mosquito repellent here than even before, you'll be using a lot more camera roll too.

Dive Sites

Around Port Blair

The waters around Andaman have spectacular bio-diversity, and dive conditions that are ideal for an experienced diver.

Cinque Island

One of the best dive destinations in the island, it has clear emerald water with a visibility of up to 80 feet. The deep dive offers a terrific variety of marine life including back coral and sightings of sharks, and is ideal for the experienced diver.

Rutland Island

The shallow waters here have a good representation of most smaller fish and coral, and a good place for training open water divers.

Snake Island

Awesome rock faces and a spectacular dive landscape. Marine life includes Trigger fish, Grunts, Goatfish and Rays.

Havelock Island

This island is located approximately 4 hours from the Port Blair airport by inter-island ferry. The dive centre located on the island offers a wide range of largely unexplored dive sites rich in underwater marine life.

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Miscellaneous Information

The nearest decompression chamber is at the Naval base in Port Blair. Foreigners are only allowed to visit certain islands in middle, little and south Andamans.

Best Time to Visit

Between November and May.


Tropical - between 23 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil

Getting There

By Air

These Islands are located about 1250 Kms from Kolkata ( West Bengal ) and about 1200 kms from Chennai (Tamil Nadu). The capital, Port Blair, is served via India Airlines and Jet Airways. Indian Airlines flies from Calcutta to Port Blair six days a week (except Sundays). Jet Airways has a daily flight from Chennai to Port Blair. Indian Airlines flies four days a week to Port Blair from Chennai. Both inbound and outbound tickets should be booked well in advance for these sectors.

By Sea

It is possible to sail to Port Blair from Calcutta and Chennai every week. The crossing takes about 3-4 days. All ships plying on this route are under the auspices of the Directorate of Shipping, Govt. of India.


It is advisable to carry a few extra passport photographs and copies of your passport, as you would need to submit these to the authorities at Port Blair on arrival for your permit to visit the Island.

Diving Centers

Andaman Scuba Club

Address : Post Box No. 9, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands 744101, India .
Dive Location : Andaman Scuba Club, Havelock Island , Andaman & Nicobar Islands 74411, India .

Contact Person at Port Blair:
Gautam Dev, Anamika Tours & Travels.
Tel : 91-3192-34540
At Havelock Island : Ulrich Failer
Names & Qualifications of Dive Staff: Marcus Kummer - PADI Master - MFA & Speciality Instructor. Ulrich Failer - PADI Master - MFA & Speciality Instructor.

Andaman Divers

Address : Asparas B-8, Sriram Nagar, South Street , Chennai 600018, India .
Dive Location : Peerless Resort, Corbyn's Cave, Post Box No. 21, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands 744106, India .
Contact Person at Port Blair : Herbert Burri
Names & Qualifications of Dive Staff : Herbert Burri - PADI Instructor. Jan Giese - PADI Instructor. Eduardo Heiler: PADI Instructor.


Address : Sita Kunj, 6th Floor, 164 M.K. Marg, Mantralaya, Mumbai 400021, India .
Tel : 91-22-2870729
Fax : 2852037
Dive Location : Sinclairs Bay View, South Point, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands 744106, India .
Tel : 91-3192-31824
Contact Person at Port Blair : Manavi Thakker
Names & Qualifications of Dive Staff : Manavi Thakker - PADI Instructor